México is a gateway to the world, in 2016 we welcomed over35 million international travelers through 63 state-of-the-art airports. Itis ranked as one of the top 10 most visited countries, with 113,600 flights between México and the USA. There is excellent connectivity within the country, thanks to its network of airlines and airports, as well as its 95,000 miles of modern highways and roads.

Coupled with proximity to México and the United States, this extraordinary level of parent-connectivity means lower travel costs for convention and convention attendees.

  • Among the 10 most visited countries
  • 63 international airports
  • More than 113,000international flights
  • More 152,000kms of roads
  • An increase of 10.8% of arrivals by air in 2016
  • From January 2017, an increase in more than one million new seats with international direct flights from more than 20 countries  
  • México City received more than 57 thousand international flights during 2016 and has scheduled 62 thousand flights by 2017 (average of 5,174 flights per month)

Flights To Mexico