Mexico For Congresses

México is a serious player in the meetings industry, particularly in the International Congress arena, where it has hosted the largest medical congress in the world: International Aids Conference in 2008, high caliber events such as the 2011 Pan American Games, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of México 2017, the G20 Summit in 2012, just to name a few.

  • México ranks 21nd in the ICCA international ranking
  • The fifth place in America
  • The third place in LATAM

México is the center of innovation in Latin America: Associations that take host their events in México, gain new opportunities for growth in the LATAM region.

México has countless success stories in International Congresses bidding and has more than 30 venues of international caliber, with the technology and supply chain that provides the highest quality and the best levels of service.

The Business Events team of the México Tourism team has two key initiatives to support the attraction of International Congresses:


National Ambassadors Program: it is a group of 100 Mexican leaders in different industries that represent 99 international congresses that are considering Mexico between 2018 - 2028, representing 260,000 potential visitors. The MTB Business Events Team works directly to support them in the bidding process.

Postulating Committee

Postulating Committee: a collegial body that represents Mexico’s industry as a whole and works together aiming to attract new international congresses to México

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