Carnival of Veracruz

The best parties are only experienced in Mexico, especially carnivals, and one of the favorites is the carnival in Veracruz. During this celebration, the beautiful port and its inhabitants dress up to receive hundreds of people from many places to have fun, dance and enjoy the show that makes all who visit this “jarocho” port, to fall in love.

This carnival has been celebrated since 1866, where at that time, the “jarochos” requested permission to celebrate the "Party of the Masks", which was about costume balls in the social centers, that at time, were high society, achieving with this, the creation of a regulation that governs the celebrations. All this happened during the government of Maximilian of Habsburg.

The carnival is celebrated in the month of February. For six days, Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho becomes a magical place, showing floats, dancers and the queen of the carnival.

The warmth and affection that this “jarocho” port transmits, has turned this celebration into an event of international stature, making hundreds of people experience the love of Mexico and discover why they saying expresses: “Only Veracruz is beautiful”.