Candlemas Festival

This celebration takes place from January 31 to February 9 in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz. The inhabitants of Tlacotalpan dress in red and take to the streets to venerate the “Virgen de la Candelaria”, the celebration that begins with a parade with more than 100 horsemen that cross throughout the city.

The party does not end there, the “mañanitas” (traditional Mexican birthday song) is sung to the “Virgen de la Candelaria” in her sanctuary, and you can enjoy a walk along the Papaloapan River, where you can enjoy the different decorations for each boat. At night you can enjoy music and the typical food of the place, the perfect closing, this festivity continues until February 9.

Every day you can enjoy different activities and witness how the streets of Tlacotalpan are filled with music, food, and parties.