Tenosique Carnival

The rarest carnival in the world', this is how the famous Carnival of Tenosique is cataloged, celebrated between the months of January and February of each year in Tenosique de Pino Suarez. Its exact date of celebration is the first Sunday after January 19 to Ash Wednesday.

The carnival celebrates the pre-Hispanic roots that we have as Mexicans, and its inhabitants congregate in the streets to celebrate a tradition of throwing flour to start the carnival. After starting with the flour, the inhabitants begin with the "Danza del Pochó" (Dance of the Pochó).

The Pochó Dance symbolizes the purification of man in the struggle between good and evil, making it one of the most important activities of the festival because of its significance.

If you want to discover more of the magic of Mexico and its roots, you must experience at least once in your life the specialness of the Tenosique Carnival.