Cozumel Carnival

Every year Cozumel delights us with its famous carnival ‘’ Treasure Island ’’, which begins the first week of February. The eyes of different visitors marvel at the beauty that the state of Quintana Roo offers us, not only for the nature that surrounds it but for the cultural shows full of tradition and joy.

Citizen participation makes this great event, the most anticipated on the island. With decorations all over the boardwalk, music in different corners, dances and parades in the middle of the street and partying as if there is no tomorrow.

The plays are always there, being one of the main numbers within this holiday. The coronation of '' The carnival kings and queen '', '' The king and queen of joy '' and '' King and queen of fantasy '' have a great significant value for the Island of Cozumel, in which children, young people and adults participate.

Gastronomy also plays a very important role with various flavors, aromas and sensations where no typical dish of the island will go unnoticed.