The tourist beauties of Torreón Coahuila

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From the top of the Cerro de las Noas, is the Cristo de la Noas, who with his open arms welcomes you to the city of Torreón, in the state of Coahuila. Located in the northwest of Mexico. Torreón is a historical destination where important events took place that gave way to the legacy that is enjoyed throughout Mexico today, and that, very kindly, it shares with the many visitors who travel to this place.
Upon arrival, you will witness the impressive cultural and artistic wealth kept there, because in total, Torreón has 12 museums of different kinds, to satisfy the hunger for knowledge that many have.
Traveling to Mexico is always rewarding, especially in hindsight. Vacationing without having absorbed the traditional beauty of each state is like not being satisfied.
As you know, we always share the best recommendations when it comes to traveling, and this time we have for you, a selection of the best places that you can enjoy on your vacation to Torreón, Coahuila.

A museum in Torreón is better than a book 
As we told you before, Torreón has a great variety of enclosures destined to preserve the history of this city. A magical place that takes you on a journey to the past.
The Torreón Museums stand out for having witnessed historical events and others share the expressions of different authors called “creators of dreams”.

A must-see is the Museo Histórico de la Ciudad, Casa del Cerro, which was occupied by General Francisco Villa during the taking of Torreón, and which today exhibits pieces from those times, as well as being the now setting for conferences and contemporary theater plays.

If learning about the wonders of the cosmos and the vastness beyond the sky is your thing, the Planetarium is ideal for you. A showroom that exposes modern astronomy and fosters the passion for this science in people who are surprised by this trip.
The best way to know which of them is more enriching for you is by going to Torreón and enjoying a guided tour of these cultural houses. We invite you to know them all.

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The pearl of Torreón
A walkway that was discovered by accident and that was restored to become a tourist attraction is El canal de la Perla, which has four exhibition rooms from the old "Lagunera" region. It consists of a set of underground tunnels that pass through the center of the city, today it houses bookstores, handicraft shops and galleries that show the history of Torreón.

When you go down the stairs of Valdez Carrillo, you can see some newspapers framed along the canal that tells all the history that this city has lived. They literally look like oversized newspaper pages.

12 kilometers (almost 7.5 miles) long where you can enjoy a rewarding walk, but don't worry, nobody gets lost here, as there are several sections that tell you which street you are on, which you can take to get out of the Canal de la Perla at any time.

The magical garden of Coahuila
Unlike other natural centers in Mexico, the Parque Fundadores de Torreón is an immense ecological field surrounded by a very enviable natural beauty.

Beautiful wherever you look at it, it has stages, sports courts and a children's play area, making it a must see attraction, it does not matter if you travel as a couple, friends or family, this place has something special for all types of trips .

The Parque Fundadores de Torreón owes its name to the fact that one of the first colonies in Torreón was founded in that location, and today it is an important "lung" and also a small oasis that contributes to the ecological well-being of Mexico.
To get there you must take a transport that takes you to the west of Torreón near the Museo del Algodón.

There are so many things to discover yet, and surely you are the one that will find a new attraction that we will be talking about at sometime. The only way to find out is by traveling. And as they say in Torreón, “Como la laguna ninguna”  (“Nothing like the lagoon”).

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