Carnival season in Mexico

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A celebration that is part of history

Mexico is characterized by its festivals and traditions, one of which is carnivals, a very important holiday for Mexicans. These celebrations were brought to America by the Spanish and Portuguese from the 15th century, it is said that they have pagan origin. They grew each year, becoming more popular throughout the country, full of dance, theater performances, music, colors and gastronomy.

The religious significance of carnivals depends on different states, since it is celebrated during the beginning of Lent. Year after year, in February and early March, thousands of people eagerly await these colorful festivals. Next, we will tell you which are the most popular and stunning in Mexico.

The carnival of Veracruz

It is the most ‘’ joyful ’’ carnival and the second largest in Latin America, after Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. For a week, the “Puerto Jarocho” dresses up to create various shows in the company of music and theatre. The floats parade along with dancers along the 3.8 kilometers of Manuel Ávila Camacho boulevard, which has witnessed this since 1866. Thanks to this pioneer carnival, the tradition of partying through the streets every year was born in various parts of the country.

The Mazatlan carnival

Every year Mazatlán dazzles us with its warm party, full of flavors and fun in every corner. Always with a more surprising edition than the previous one, this show excites visitors and locals who gladly dance to the ‘’ son ’’ (the music of) of the “tambora” (a double sided drum). Since 1898, this city in Sinaloa dresses up to create a tradition that has become the third most important carnival in the world.

Campeche carnival

Known for being the oldest in Mexico, this festival originated in 1582, it has a very important link with the history of our country. With a duration of three weeks, the boardwalk of this city is dressed in colors, filled with “comparsas” (a group of people that sing and dance at a carnival), floats parade and the night ends with the coronation of the king and queen. What stands out about this magnificent show is the ritual that has become a tradition, in which the protagonist is the death, with the famous funeral walk and the burial of the “bad mood”.

Cozumel carnival

In this party, the whole family takes to the streets to join the parades that the island of Cozumel has celebrated for 147 years. Here paradise and traditions come together for a week in February to make this carnival one of the most important in Mexico. With the background of the Caribbean Sea, visitors are enveloped in the spectacle that surrounds them, while locals have fun being the hosts in this wonderful party called ‘’ Treasure Island ’’, with plays, parades, dances and the highly anticipated coronations of the kings of Cozumel.

Our country has a variety of “comparsas” (group of people that sing and dance at a carnival) and parties everywhere, which has become a very important piece in the hearts of many. Here you will know how to have fun and you will realize that, anywhere you go, you will have a great remembrance.

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