Ancestral Mexican Elixirs

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The beauty that surrounds Mexico is incomparable and surreal, there is no doubt. The gastronomy that characterizes this nation is delicious and inexplicable, but there is something that also does not go unnoticed and has a large part in the hearts of many: traditional Mexican drinks.

Some created since pre-Hispanic times, others more recently, these drinks play a fundamental role in the lives of most Mexicans. Here we leave you a list of these elixirs and I can guarantee you that there are some that you probably did not know.

Tequila for the chill of not having you with me

Let's start with the simple, the known, loved by some and hated by others. Coming from the agave plant, this drink has its origin in Tequila, Jalisco and its existence dates back to the year 1538. Legend has it that it was discovered by the steam that occurred thanks to an electrical storm, which set the agave fields on fire , thus creating this unique drink. Its process comes from mezcal, but, tequila became more famous, becoming better known around the world.

For all that is bad drink mezcal, for all good, also drink mezcal

Cousin of Tequila, mezcal is also originally from TequilaJalisco. This drink saw the birth of Mexico, it is so old that it was used in ancient rituals. It is produced in almost all the states of the country, but those of Oaxaca are very famous. As part of a legend, it is considered as the drink that came from heaven. By the way, when you add the famous maguey worm, it adds an unbeatable flavor. A good mezcal must be white with a minimum of 45 °.

Let all envy turn into “pulque”

Its existence dates from pre-Hispanic times, it is known as '' mead '' or '' the drink of the gods '', which is made from the fermentation of maguey sap. For the Aztecs, it was restricted to drink it and it was only served in pitchers and thus given it as an offering to their gods. At present, it is served directly in the well-known “pulquerías”. Lately, its consumption has been lost; therefore, “pulque” producers are doing everything possible so that this ancestral drink does not disappear.

Xtabentún, a Mayan legend

An elixir created by the Mayans, this is another pre-Hispanic drink, which is a tradition in the Yucatan Peninsula. Very well known and loved thanks to the legend of Xtabay, who, upon passing away, realized that it impregnated a very sweet smell, this aroma is related to that of Xtabentún. The flavor is similar to anise, with a touch of honey, and is fermented from the plant of the same name.

This is how our country gives us these drinks, no matter where you are, you can find most of them anywhere in the world and enjoy these traditional delicacies.

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