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10 Reasons to know Mexico

Time and again, Mexico will surprise you with new experiences: a different flavor, a unique adventure or a corner that has been waiting for centuries to captivate you. We are waiting!

1. Democratic Mexico

Its political maturity to build transformative agreements makes democracy in Mexico transcend electoral matters and has as a top priority to promote, respect and protect human rights.

Josh Hinds

2. Powerful Economy

According to figures from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mexico is the 2nd economy in Latin America and the 15th in the world with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 1.3 trillion dollars.

3. Economic Strength

Mexico ranks 56 out of 140 economies according to the Global Competitiveness Index (ICG), which is the result of an autonomous monetary policy, a flexible exchange rate, sound public finances and a robust financial system.

Samuel Zeller

4. Economy Open to the World

Mexican products have preferential access to a market of more than 1.154 million consumers in 46 countries, in addition, Mexico is the second largest buyer of US exports in the world and total trade with Latin America and the Caribbean is more than 40 thousand MDD annuals.

Nick Hoffman

5. Young, Talented & Skilled People

Mexico ranks 39 out of 61 countries in terms of labor availability and quality according to the 2015 Competitiveness Index, where the median age of the population is 27 years, while the world average is 29.2. In addition, about 100 thousand engineers and technologists graduate each year.

6. Leader in High Technology Manufacturing

Mexico is the leading exporter of medium and high technology manufactures in Latin America and the 3rd in the G20, behind South Korea and Germany. We have a growing aerospace, automotive, electronics and home appliances industry.

Nadine Shaabana

7. Next Global Value Added Global Logistics Center

Because of its location, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Mexico's broad and growing infrastructure is a gateway to both North America and Latin America, and potentially to Europe and Asia. Mexico ranks 5th in Latin America and the Caribbean in the ICG Infrastructure pillar and 59 in 140 countries.

Mike Wilson

8. A World Within a Country

Mexico concentrates 10% of the global diversity of species in almost 2 million square kilometers, making it the 3rd largest territory in Latin America and 14th in the world. In addition, Mexico is the 3rd most active country for the solar photovoltaic industry of Latin America and 4th place in the world.

Kevin Niu

9. Country Committed to the Rule of Law

A new security policy was launched to combat crime, focusing on social prevention, the use of intelligence and technology, and coordination among governments.

Kevin Niu

10. Country in Transformation

Thanks to the Pact for Mexico and the responsibility of Mexican legislators, Transformative Reforms such as Competitiveness, Transparency and Education were approved; With which it releases the country's potential as a reliable and attractive destination to invest.