What you should know before visiting Mexico

Tourist Assistance Remember that in Mexico you can dial 078 from any phone, where you can find free information about tourist attractions, airports, travel agencies, car rental companies, embassies and consulates, fairs and exhibitions, hotels, hospitals, financial services , Migratory and other issues. You can also request information to the email correspondencia@sectur.gob.mx  

Other Requirements All passengers entering Mexico can carry a maximum of 300 dollars in merchandise, in addition to their personal belongings. In case of exceeding the merchandise will have to pay an extra charge and the luggage will be subject to review by the authorities of the Mexican Customs.  

Entry requirements All tourists arriving in Mexico require the permit called Tourist Migration Form, which is personal and has a validity of 180 days. This document can be obtained in the offices of the airlines, in travel agencies or ports of entry to Mexico. Since 1999, Mexico has acquired a Non-Immigrant Right (DNI), which is intended to promote tourism and improve immigration services. The DNI must be paid when leaving the country and has a cost of $ 294 Mexican pesos. For more information visit the website of the National Institute of Migration: www.inm.gob.mx  

Here you can find the list of countries that need a visa to travel to Mexico http://www.inm.gob.mx/gobmx/word/index.php/paises-requieren-visa-para-mexico/

Airports At airports you can find a good exchange rate. We recommend that you review the new regulation that restricts the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels in your carry-on luggage before traveling. Approach only authorized taxis, to make your transfers safer. Remember to register three hours before for international travel and two hours for nationals.