Currencies and exchange rates

In Mexico any tourist can obtain Mexican pesos in the following places:  

- Exchange Houses: you will usually find a currency exchange office at international airports throughout Mexico; You can identify them by the "change" announcement. You will need to present your passport to exchange the money. The exchange rate is usually shown as buy or buy, which indicates how many pesos you should receive for each dollar.  

- Banks: not all banks provide the service of exchanges of pesos and dollars, some require you to have an account with them. Check in your hotel, so that you are told which is the nearest bank that serves tourists to make exchanges. Here you will also need a valid passport to make the exchange.  

- ATM: One of the most comfortable ways to buy pesos is to use an ATM. You will often receive better exchange rates, although you will have to pay a commission for the service, as with most ATMs outside your banking network. Please do not accept help from people outside the bank.  

- Credit Card: If you have a credit card, you will realize that this provides one of the best exchange rates. Although you will not receive pesos directly, your monthly balance will reflect the exchange rate you received when shopping with your credit card.

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