This route runs through the Mayan archaeological sites of Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, Xlpak, Labna and the Loltún caves, where you can see the Puuc style characterized by the intricate decoration facades of the Mayan temples and palaces. 

Mayan name of a series of hills of low height with a cultural zone and style.
The Puuc Route includes the following archaeological zones:

OXKINTOK "The stone of the three suns"
KABAH "Place of the masks"
SAYIL "Place of the ants arriers"
XLAPAK "Old Walls""
GROTAS DE LOLTÚN ""Flower of stone"
CHACMULTÚN "Cerro de piedra roja"
TEKAX "There on the mountain"
LABNÁ "Old or abandoned house"

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