Visiting Veracruz is the stepping stone to enjoying the wonders of the Gulf of Mexico coast. With the sea as the horizon, your heart will beat to the rhythm of the marimba as you visit its monumental Colonial buildings that coexist peacefully with the modern, historical and military buildings, the parks, the museums, the beaches, the great aquarium and the boardwalk, which is the pride of Veracruz. 

Your mornings will begin with the smell of coffee mixed with the aroma of fresh milk, while in Plaza de las Armas you can listen to Veracruz Danzon and Son. The peace you will feel in Veracruz makes everything white, even its pale Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption, which is Neoclassical in style. It has a tower on its right and a dome that makes for a pretty postcard of its downtown.


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