Coscomatepec de Bravo


Located in the Altas Mountains between two large canyons is the foyer to Citlaltepetl, called Coscomatepec de Bravo. It is a place with fresh air and its guardian, the Pico de Orizaba, creates a silver thread when the snow melts into the waterfalls of Alpatlahuac. 

Dusk illuminates the Church of St. John the Baptist as the traditional dances start and bathe the entire environment in folklore. One of these is the Los Santiagos Dance, which will transport you to the battle between the Christians and the Moors. You will be a participant in traditions that have transcended generation after generation like a valuable treasure.

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit Coscomatepec de Bravo.

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