Tlaxcala has preserved incredible places that are waiting for you. Among the historical and cultural sites that you can visit in the Plaza de la Constitución are the Government Palace, the Parish of San José, the Cathedral of the Virgen de la Asunción, the Art Museum, the Basilica of Ocotlán and the staircase of Heroes.

You can also fly in hot air balloons where you can see volcanoes such as Malintzin, Popocatepetl, Iztaccihuatl and the Peak of Orizaba. It also has several archaeological sites full of history and culture, such as Cacaxtla, Xochitécatl, and Tecoaque.

If you prefer a trip full of adventure, activities such as kayaking, hiking, horseback riding and tours in old carriages are waiting for you and during the second week of June and until the beginning of August you will see a natural light show, as if you were in a magical place, in the Bosque de las Luciérnagas (Forest of Fireflies).

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