Villahermosa offers visitors an environment of exuberant natural beauty as can be witnessed by the vegetation of its parks, mighty rivers and beautiful lagoons. It is an ideal place to be in contact with nature. Walking through the jungle you will find waterfalls, sulphurous waters and even caves.

The Cocoa to Chocolate Tour offers visits to cocoa plantations, a seed that transformed the world with the production of chocolate. In this tour, you can visit cocoa plantations as well as the archaeological zone of Comalcalco, unique within the Mayan world.

Ruta Sierra is a region of hills, rainforests, sulphurous waters and fauna, the ecological reserve of Villa Luz, as well as a large number of caverns, caves and grottos that represent a fun challenge to practice activities such as caving, rappelling and hiking. All tours are complemented by water rides.

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