It seems that the mission of this “Magical Town” was to get you in touch with the most primitive natural elements.

Its lake, like a center of life, attracts you by its immensity and beauty.

The air awakens the adventurous spirit. The best sailors of the country are from here and it is enormously delightful flying in paragliding or hang gliding to see everything from above.

The land is lavish in beauty, with mountainous green landscapes everywhere that take your breath away. Finally, the fire that numbs spirits in chimneys, campfires and temazcales invite to be reborn over and over again.

Its friendly weather allows the practice of sports and recreational activities such as water skiing, sailing, kayaking, motocross, zip line, hiking, hiking, hang gliding, paragliding, and golf. Come and discover Valle de Bravo.

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos Mágicos; visit Valle de Bravo.

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