As soon as you set foot in Toluca, you will feel the wind coming in from its peaceful mountain landscapes, and enjoy the mix of its alpine forests whose peak hides crystal clear lakes, its majestic volcanoes and its ancient ruins. You can bear witness to the cultures that blossomed in the Pre-Colombian period that left their mark etched on the architecture as you walk around Los Portales (considered the longest in the country with 118 arches). The sculpture, mural painting, codices and an enigmatic cosmogony await you at the amazing sites in the archeological zones. The Carmen Temple, founded in the 18th century, is one of the icons you must visit in Toluca along with its Museum of Fine Arts. 

As you enter a building that houses over 400 trees, bushes and flowers protected by beautiful glass that enables the right amount of light to pass through, you will feel enveloped in nature. The Botanic Garden is a place where light, the cosmos and nature converge, and is watched over by the “Sun Man,” an imposing stained glass of red and orange tones that will take your breath away.


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