The town of Malinalco is a place of incomparable beauty, surrounded by mountains with peculiar shapes and lush vegetation. It is a charming "Magical Town" with cobblestone streets and the scent of flowers where you can breathe in complete tranquility. 

You will be able to experience its traditions and customs, which are part of the great heritage of a town that, day after day, turns this charming place into a living legend. In the former Augustinian convent and its Mexica shrine, high above the hills in the archeological area, a majestic ceremonial center erected by the Mexicas will appear before you. As you enter it, a rug resembling a snake’s tongue will welcome you into the magical pre-Hispanic world of the Eagle and Jaguar Warriors, all of which was built directly on the hill’s rock.

Cuauhtinchán is located in the middle of the Texcaltepec Mountains. Its living museum is home to infinite colors in tiny and strange-looking animals that you can hold in your arms, if you dare. In addition, there is no lack of restaurants serving “Author’s Cuisine” that can be found in this town of strong indigenous flavors. Malinalco has become the perfect escape in the middle of the country.  

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit Malinalco.

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