Magdalena de Kino


Amidst the desert climate and green cactus sits the beautiful and "Magical Town" of Magdalena. Walk through the desert under the blue skies and enjoy the breeze as it makes the white clouds dance while you marvel at the sunset behind the giant cactuses. The night sky glitters with stars that shine brightly through the velvety heavens. This is the ceiling that hangs over the Monumental Square temple which houses the crypt of Father Kino, who lent his name to this wonderful town. Each one of its monuments was raised by the faith of the missionaries and enriched through the centuries by the hard work and skill of the townsfolk.

Each year Magdalena fills with color during the celebration of San Francisco Javier which showcases the different regional dances by the first people in the north of the country.

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit Magdalena de Kino.

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