Guaymas, along with its international tourist center, San Carlos, is located in Sonora in the Sea of Cortes. Boasting magnificent sea, desert and mountain scenarios, covered by tropical vegetation and protected by rocky formations that have created an ecosystem with very particular flora and fauna and endemic species for visitors to admire. It is an ideal setting for hiking and resting while admiring the most dazzling ocean view from sunrise to sunset.

With a bit of luck you will see whales, dolphins and birds. El Mirador is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the beauty of San Carlos, especially during the sunset. Another sight you cannot miss is the view of the coast from Mount Tetakawi.

The fun awaits you in San Carlos-Guaymas as you can spend unforgettable moments in contact with nature and outdoor fun, practice activities such as snorkeling, diving, zip lines, fishing, kayaking, rappelling, hiking, horseback riding on the beach, cycling or yacht riding.

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