Not far from Mazatlan lies a secret "Magical Town" that boasts natural landscapes, including Iguanero, a green lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation. The nearby ruins of a church play host each evening to a light show set to the soothing sounds of the fountains. As you enter the awe-inspiring church of La Señora del Rosario, you will not be able take your eyes off the immense, hand-crafted altarpiece; its majestic appearance and golden luster are enough to give anyone a religious experience. Walk aimlessly through its relaxed and sun-drenched streets, and feel the air on your face until you stumble upon a small island (reachable only by a suspension bridge). A place well worth the visit! Do not miss the chance to swim in the lagoon.  

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit El Rosario.

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