Discover the charm of its magical towns (Cosalá, El Fuerte, El Rosario and Mocorito) and its picturesque villages with cobbled streets. About Sinaloa is only known that these lands were the passage of different tribes on their way to the center of the country leaving as testimony petroglyphs located in various communities.


1. Chilorio

Shredded beef and pork meat seasoned with chile pasilla and other spices, it may be accompanied with cheese and flour tortillas.

2. With the largest shrimp fleet in Mexico, Mazatlan is regarded as the "Shrimp Capital" and a stay here should include the tasting of this crustacean in all its forms, whether in ceviche, cocktail or a la diabla (Devil style). Two other specialties include roast chicken using firewood and mochomo, a fried cured meat.

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