Xicotepec seems to be foreign to the rest of the world; the sierra poblana and the fog fuse with the clouds, and it seems like you are touching the sky. Your days go by in Xicotepec with a strong aroma of coffee that wakes you up. This village is a unique combination of the communion of the pre-Hispanic and colonial times. In the central square you will be surrounded by flowers and trees carefully trimmed to resemble human figures or animals. When seated on the portals, you will be seduced by the fresh aroma of coffee roasting, while the Parish of Saint John the Baptist forces you to look up, with its Gothic majesty that reminds you of the famous Parisian Cathedral of Notre Dame. This architectural piece coexists harmoniously with the ceremonial center "La Xochipila": the unique vestige of the pre-Hispanic city of Xicotepec that, from the pre-Hispanic time, during the holidays it is full of color and mysticism, and a colossal stone of more than thirteen tons of weight.

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos Mágicos; visit Xicotepec.

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