This town is located at the foot of Tepozteco Mountain and is the result of the combination of the unique ancient traditions and wisdom that enrich its many cultural expressions, such as esotericism, pre-Hispanic and vice regal treasures, the counterculture, ecotourism or the simplicity of its everyday life are all appeals of Tepotztlán. 

Its architecture, cobblestone streets, the bright colors of the flowers, and the warm weather will make you forget about stress. Take a walk through the market, visit the beautiful former Convent of the Nativity and experience an adventure at El Tepozteco National Park, where its fauna and flora will make you forget about the world and fill you vitality. Tepozteco Mountain is so mystical that it is almost purifying, and its summit offers a great view of the small temple built for the god Tepoztecatl. Tepotztlán is full of surprises. This "Magical Town" is home to numerous celebrations, such as its dances, which with its Chinelos, the name of its music, and their vibrant colors will make you feel the life of the traditions.  

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit Tepoztlán.

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