Along the shores of the beautiful Lago de Patzcuaro are the heirs to the Purechepa Empire. In this "Magical Town", in the Purechepa ceremonial center of Las Yacatas, you can find the mortuary chambers of the pre-Hispanic elite class. The cobblestone streets and the fire-like red soil converge in the same space in order to preserve the valuable historical heritage and the traditions of its colonial past and its mining history. Spectacular murals from times of glory can be seen in the museum. Enormous green forests that will make you feel alive guard this historic place. If you visit Tzintzuntzan for the Night of the Dead, you can witness the richness of its traditions, which continue to fill the hearts of its visitors with faith.

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos Mágicos; visit Tzintzuntzan.

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