Its lake and its landscapes combined with the architecture of its city center have long made Pátzcuaro one of the classic destinations in Michoacán, also considered a "Magical Town". The Purépecha people are artisans and they will surprise you with their musical language and their handicrafts made of wood, iron, baskets, textiles and pottery, which, especially on the Day of the Dead, are seen in all their glory.
It is a charming village with colorful markets, surrounded by green mountains with pines and spruces. You can admire its adobe houses built over the quiet streets while listening to Michoacana folk music. Its landscapes blend with the streets when they are filled with marigolds that grow along the quiet lake, which on November 1st is filled with the light from candles that residents light to remember their deceased loved ones, lighting up the entire island so that it can be seen from the other side. It's a show you cannot miss. 

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit Pátzcuaro.

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