The historical center of the Michoacan capital is a world heritage site by UNESCO, few cities include such a strong, diverse and well-preserved colonial architecture as Morelia. Walking its clean streets is to enjoy a walk through the history of the state of Michoacan. Walking through the geography of the state requires you to visit its markets and squares that show the whole splendour of its gastronomy.


According to UNESCO, the Mexican cuisine is considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity. In the list of the most representative of this region are the following dishes.


Tamal elaborated with grounded sweet corn (called “elote”), which sometimes has milk or cream added. This variety has a sweet tamale flavour and its consistency is smooth


Stew for meat thickened with dough, prepared ever since pre-Hispanic times.


Purépecha traditional dish consisting of beef broth with guajillo chili and vegetables. This dish is usually served with corundas.


Carnitas Pork meat stewed in copper pots.


Good places to enjoy a cup of coffee are the animated portals and the Uruapan food market.


A feast can be served with the traditional Michoacan drink: the charanda, a sugar cane aged hard liquour.


Variety of triangular tamales or with up to seven points stuffed with cheese, Chilaca chile peppers slices, pork, or vegetables or legumes. Michoacán’s delicious traditional recipe that consists of a mixture of bean broth with tortilla soup.

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