A visit to Xochimilco is like stumbling across an oasis in the desert. This eclectic place is set in the middle of a colossal city where you can discover colors your eyes have never seen before. Declared a World Heritage Site since 1987, rediscover its colors as you walk down the aisles of its markets full of iris flowers. Float along the walled canals lined with gardens and curtains of trees on brightly painted and decorated trajineras (a traditional flat-bottomed boat) and evoke a time when this watery surrounding dominated the landscape of the Anahuac. Discover the small artificial islands, called chinampas, which are used to grow flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants.

Take this magnificent tour as you eat and drink your fill of the different Mexican delicacies accompanied by the music of the Mariachi or Marimba from Veracruz. In the midst of this splendor you will also a startling place that will make your skin crawl: the island of dolls. 


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