Mexico city

Mexico City is one of the most enjoyable destinations. Its historic center, better known as Zocalo, is declared World Heritage by UNESCO and is the heart of a living culture that exudes everything accumulated since the founding of Tenochtitlan. Visit its neighborhoods flooded with art nouveau and art deco, enjoy its cuisine and lose yourself in the streets of the city with the most museums in the world.


Mexico is famous for its cuisine. But beyond tacos and guacamole, which are internationally renowned and perhaps part of the first vocabulary learned by foreign non-Spanish speakers interested in visiting Mexico, there are rich and varied culinary traditions from corner to corner of the country. Quesadillas Corn tortillas folded in half and baked dry on oil, which is filled with a stew and in some cases you add melted cheese. The quesadillas are often accompanied by spicy sauces or guacamole (avocado). Sopes Also known as pinched, minced or chopped.

They consist of a thick corn tortilla, fried with fat, with different ingredients added on top such as meat or pork rind, in addition to cheese, vegetables and hot salsa. Turkey hens It is the name traditionally given to a tamal scone (a tamal in the middle of a bread roll). Usually at the point of sale it may be accompanied by atole. Romeritos It͛s a dish traditionally served on Christmas, it consists of romerito leaves, a quelite growing in the maze fields, and should not be confused with rosemary, which is served in mole, usually special mole poblano prepared with powdered shrimp with cactus, shrimp and potatoes, served with dried shrimp cake.

Chilaquiles scone The latest trend in overdose of calories is a chilaquiles scone. The chilaquiles are a dishmade from chips (fried tortilla chips or toasted corn) bathed in green or red sauce. Currently the chilaquiles are served amid a bread roll. If it͛s about sweet, there are specialized tours to visit traditional candy stores and its wide range of comfits, from coventual air cookies to crystallized fruits. Not to mention the Spanish heritage of sweets, such as marzipan or atypical confectionery –filled with mole, chamoy, hibiscus flower, guava drink ...

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