Tapalpa is located in the midst of a lush woody landscape. Its splendor and simplicity come from its white houses with red tile roofs that combine perfectly with its natural beauty, architecture and tranquility. Tapalpa is a unique place that offers something for everybody. 

Every activity is surrounded by magic. You will feel the pure air running through your veins when you walk down the cobblestone streets of this peaceful "Magical Town", when you browse the souvenir stands surrounded by walkways shaded by immense trees, when you gaze upon the temples and notice that between each crack of the cement overflowing vegetation breaks out, inviting you to live the natural adventure that only Tapalpa can offer.

Additionally, you can buy handcrafted items made with woven wool, such as jorongos, blankets, and bags; or baskets, hats and fans made with pine needles.  

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit Tapalpa.

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