As you walk through the streets of Huichapan, feel the history of the generations who have trod these lands before you. Get in touch with the town’s roots by gazing at the cave paintings that bear witness to Huichapan’s first explorers. Be dazzled by the remains of the Otomi, Teotihuacana, Tolteca and Azteca cultures, which also inhabited these lands, as they transport you to other times. They can be found in the Archeology and History museum. From the Convent of San Mateo to its central square that safeguards the three churches of the Religious Ensemble and the Municipal Palace, this Magical Town is carved out of twenty-six shades of quarry stone.

Enjoy a unique experience surrounded by thermal waters that will rejuvenate you. Discover the two hundred year old aqueduct that is one hundred fifty meters long. The spectacular view you can enjoy from the lookout will help you stay in touch with nature as you visit the Los Sabinos National Park to appreciate the majesty of its millennial ahuehuetes (a sacred tree) and its unique spring nearby. 

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit Huichapan.

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