Hidalgo promises visitors a wide range of options, from outdoor activities to cultural immersion in the ancient and recent history, in addition to a rich culinary tradition. Its basalt prisms, its mining history, its thermal waters and archaeological sites provide travellers an unforgettable experience.


Tasajo or dried meat

In Tulancingo, Pachuca and Actopan, meat lovers will enjoy this dish made of beef meat pickled with salt and served with chinicuiles sauce.


Another dish that you cannot fail to taste are the puff pastry pastes, traditional food that the Cornwall miners who came to work in Hidalgo brought with them.


Pre-Hispanic beverage.


Dish that fascinates because of its preparation: with a pick and a shovel they dig a one meter deep by one meter diameter wide pit in the and then cook sheep meat in it wrapped in maguey leaves.


Dish that includes fish, pork and nopales (prickly pear), prepared as a barbecue

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