Falling in love with Guanajuato, it´s easy. With its amazing places full of color and history, its warm atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and the beautiful people that lives there, you’ll feel that your dreams are coming to life. Perhaps this is why UNESCO has named it a World Heritage Site.

Guanajuato is a land where you can walk through its picturesque magical villages, learn its history through its four archaeological zones, and let your senses loose with its colorful festivals and artistic events (like the world renowned International Cervantino Festival), or marvel at the impressive mummified bodies, which are one of the most famous tourist’s attractions there.

It’s a place full of magic, with a unique energy, located in the heart of Mexico that allows you to discover its traditions, culture, and unique architecture with various buildings and houses which are a great example of colonial architecture in neoclassical and baroque style.


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