Mapimi is an outstanding "Magical Town", given its fierce history and location in the middle of an inhospitable desert. Be surprised with every step you take; listen to the wood of the Ojuela hanging bridge as it creaks under your feet and the wind as it howls through the hundred meter deep gorge and whispers the secrets of the people and the mining center into your ear while looking at the verdant mountains that complete this imposing structure.

Step into the Rosario Caves and discover the Bolson Biosphere Reserve; a surprising natural area recognized by UNESCO (in the Man and Biosphere program), which is home to many different endemic species (some of them endangered) such as the bolson tortoise, pale hawk and bura deer.

Feel the enigmatic mystery that surrounds the Zone of Silence; the desert and dune sands will cause your eyes will marvel at the marine fossils, cacti in violet tones and stones that locals say are actually meteorites that bring with them the history of the universe.

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit Mapimí.

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