Located in the Guadiana Valley, the "Villa de Durango" is part of the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (Royal Road of Inland), a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Many of its imposing buildings are now museums and cultural centers where antiques, religious art and ethnographic collections reflect the customs and talent of indigenous cultures that originally settled in the region.


Broth Undoubtedly

 The Durango dish is the bouillon par excellence, which is prepared with dried, and fresh meat and red chili.

Leg of pork in pulque

Among the safety pins you can taste in the state capital is the leg of pork in pulque.

Analco mole

Sauce made mainly of spices used to accompany the meat.

Pipián Another typical dish of the region is the pipián, a mixture of soup and salsa

Durango Menudo

Stew prepared with beef stomach and red chile.


Cheese is an important ingredient in the kitchen of Durango; the best quality is obtained mainly from the Mennonite communities.

Beef fillet

A signature dish of the region is beef steak stuffed with huitlacoche and topped with poblano sauce.


Another representative product of the New Ideal Mennonites is the sausage -similar to salami -, whose recipe is jealously guarded, although it is known to be made with ship meet.

Name of God Mezcal

If you like strong drinks do not miss the delicious digestive version of agave that is prepared in the ͞Name of God͟, a town with several colonial churches.

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