Dominated by the desert, many of the attractions of Coahuila are in this ecosystem, although some, such as the Four Cienegas Biosphere Reserve are a surprising finding. With about 150 different species of plants and animals endemic from the valley and mountains and because of its fragile and unique ecosystem, the valley is a perfect environment for photography lovers.


The cuisine of Coahuila is a worthy representative of culinary quality in the north, you will be surprised by the delicious recipes that delight even the most discerning palates.

Below theres a list of the must try in Coahuila.

Marielas little shop

Its a workshop dedicated to the production and sale of fruit liqueurs, jams, sweets and handmade preserves.

El Roble Bakery

In this place located in Ramos Arizpe, pulque bread and pecan pies are the most outstanding products.

Head Barbecue

The term barbecue refers mainly to the traditional method used to prepare various meat, either beef, sheep, goat and eventually rabbit, chicken, fish, deer or even iguana, boiling in their own juice or steam.

Red Menudo

Used as a hangover remedy, this soup is a rich red broth prepared with guajillo chile. The soup has as main ingredients beef tummy, beef leg and hominy. And as a final touch to decorate the soup, there͛s lemon, onion and oregano on the table.

Doña Goyita Sweets and Chavez Regional Sweets

Where they transform the fruits of the region (walnut, fig, milk, peach, apricot) into typical sweets and where milk sweets and nuts are produced. Its a typical dish of the state, especially in Torreon and Saltillo; it͛s a seasoned still lactating baby goat cooked in the oven.

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