In Chihuahua, the Madre Occidental mountain range is displayed with all its grandeur through the mountains, plateaus, amazing rivers, streams, pine forests, waterfalls, caves and of course, the Copper Canyon, one of the largest and most impressive canyon systems in the world, where rocky cliffs and vertical walls 1,500 meters show the broadest and deepest canyons in the country.


If you visit Chiapas then don’t miss out the bread soup, tamales of chipilin, corn, saffron and tascalate; local sweets, pozol, coffee, fruit ice cream, the delicious chocolate or digestives like comiteco or pox. We share a list of the “must try” in Chiapas.

Shote with momo

When you find yourself in Palenque, taste this dish also known as shuti broth, which is a dish prepared with river snail boiled and holy herb.


A type of dish that is the so-called “Mexican snacks (antojitos mexicanos)”. It has the most popular recipe of the traditional food of many parts of the country, especially during the national day celebrations, in September.


In San Cristobal de las Casas, the mix of different cultures and the European influence can be seen in delicious cold meat and typical dishes such as tachilhuil based on pork giblets.


Cochito Pork meat baked in a casserole claypot, seasoned with chilis, big chilis, oregano, thyme, tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic and a dash of vinegar.

Tartare Steak

The dish came to Chiapas from the migration of Germans in the nineteenth century, only the chef Marta Zepeda has added Simojovel chilli sauce, lemon juice and salt to stimulate the palate.


Mayan spirit drink used during the healing rituals in communities like San Juan Chamula and it’s made with corn, spring water, sugar and wheat bran.

Water made with achiote, cocoa, cinnamon and sugar

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