In Ensenada you will find Guadalupe Island, the best place in the world to see white sharks; you will have a unique encounter with the sea where you will be able to witness, as coming from prehistory, the colonies of elephant seals that migrate from Alaska in order to reproduce.
It also has a calm sea, hills, the gigantic part-desert, part- tropical valley, and its mountains that frame the national parks; you will find cave paintings and a spectacular marine geyser called La Bufadora, a deep underwater canyon that ends in a cave at the risk. This marine geyser rises more than 30 meters above sea level, producing a sound that gave it its name. You can also see thousands of gray whales coming from the northern seas to the natural refuge located in the south of Ojo de Liebre Lagoon, San Ignacio Lagoon and Bahía de Ballenas in Baja California Sur, in order to give birth to their whales


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