Real de Asientos


In this small “Magical Town” in Aguascalientes, a semi-desert town that used to be a mining outpost, visitors can tour underground tunnels, spot high-quality religious art, listen to stories about the State’s oldest cemetery or learn to shoot arrows like the Chichimecas used to.

On its different tours you will find places such as El Galerón de los Esclavos, where you will have the opportunity to glimpse an old world where slavery was legal. You will be amazed by the unusual contrasts and pink arches of the former convent of Tepozá, and at Museo Vivo de Cactáceas, you will discover a display of agave as well as exotic plants from South Africa and Madagascar. You can also walk around the old town where any of its monuments will dazzle you, including La Casa Larrañaga or La Casa del Minero, which feature sculpted religious anagrams in pink quarry stone and detailed ironwork on doors and windows.

Come to live a unique experience in one of Mexico's Pueblos mágicos; visit Real de Asientos.

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