Some might say that the main attraction is the Fiesta Brava held in the Monumental Bullfight Plaza. However, The San Marcos Nationail Fair, the railway, the clocks, guava sweets, the deshilados (textile craft), and balustrade of San Marcos Park, temples, its architecture and artists are so ingrained in Aguascalientes like its Fiesta Grande. This marathon of activities gives life to this State that is left impregnated in the stones and the air.


Aguacalientes has its own version of dishes from other parts of Mexico, such as enchiladas, birria, pozole or lechon. Here, many different flavors are incorporated with local products. We recommend these typical snacks that will keep you coming back for more.

Birria (Mexican Meat Stew) You cannot visit Aguascalientes and not try this typical dish of cooked lamb in spices and chillies, we recommend you to try El Lago Azul or El Chivito.

Corn Gorditas Gorditas stuffed with various ingredients is the most popular snack of Victoria, located in the Guadalupe Victoria Street. Moreover, you can taste the cheese, green or red crackling, or shredded beef, which are the most sought-after ingredients here Lechón (Piglet) If you have a big appetite you should try something that is one of the highlights of the local cuisine: the piglet (Lechón).

At Rudy’s, you will get one of the best piglets, served with guacamole and pico de gallo sauce, and delicious tacos of maciza and cueritos or piglet sandwich with serrano pepper in vinegar. Menudo (Traditional Mexican Soup) Another highlight is the menudo, made with beef stomach (also called tripe) in a sauce seasoned with red chilli pepper, corriander, chopped onion and a few drops of lemon juice.

We recommend visiting El Lienzo, where the most daring palates can try this delicious dish. Jicaletas, ice cream and chaska Between meals, while you are in tune with the peaceful lifestyle of the locals, or even while you walk through the leafy Garden of San Marcos, you can try a jicaleta –a slice of jicama (Mexican Yam Bean) covered in chamoy or chilli powder; a chascafruta – ice cream blended with fruit; or chaska, made with cooked beans or grilled corn to which you add mayonnaise and cheese, so yes the local version of the Esquites (Mexican corn salad).

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