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Magical areas
The captivating Magical Town of Ajijic, which is part of the municipality of Chapala, in the state of Jalisco, offers a wide variety of ecotourism activities for all ages.

One of the main activities is hiking in these walks you go up to Galeana and continue up the mountain until you reach the main chapel. Each step will reward you with a spectacular view you. It does not matter if you are an expert or a beginner, here you will find several tours where they will teach you and guide you to the top.

Horseback riding
If you are one of those who love to ride a horse, you can find different tours to ride through this incredible area. At Hacienda de Taos you can see these beautiful creatures and enjoy the hills and ranches, all near the Lago de Chapala.

Thermal waters
Near Ajijic you can find the San Juan Cosalá hot springs, a natural spa with pools of water with different properties. It is very common for people to come and relax in this place surrounded by nature and the Lago de Chapala.

Bike Tour
For those who love working their legs, hill bike clubs are your thing. There are two tours where you can follow a route, the main one is on the shore of the Lago de Chapala and the other is through the wide vegetation of Ajijic where there will be several hills and you can be more surrounded by nature.

Boat and kayak rides
Tours in Lago de Chapala should not be missed. Here you can admire the natural spectacle in the tranquility of a boat, the leave every hour from the small docks. If you like to exercise your arms, kayaking activities are available; there are several points where you can rent the kayak and a life jacket.
This is what Ajijic is about, within reach of nature, not only its beautiful culture will enchant you, it is a place where having an incredible time is the rule.

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