Morelos, La Eterna Primavera has been recognized for centuries as a resting place due to its beauty and natural diversity, as well as its privileged location. In the 5,000 km of extension, you can see scenarios that go from the highland forest to the north, fertile valleys towards the central region and in the southern region, backwaters of beauty in the low jungle, crystal clear water springs and mighty rivers.

The natural conditions of the state fostered the development of various cultures that left evidence of its greatness. Archaeological sites such as Chalcatzingo, Xochicalco or Teopanzolco show the pre-Hispanic splendor of both the Olmec, Tlahuica and Aztec influences. Beginning in the 100th century AD, the cultural fusion of the encounter with Europe generated a melting pot of true treasures. More than XNUMX haciendas were erected, mostly sugar factories. Thirty convents were founded and traditions that gave personality and appearance to the State took root, such as carnivals, religious celebrations and our famous gastronomy.

Some of the historical figures that contributed to the greatness of our state are: Emperor Mexica Moctezuma I; Hernán Cortés, who established the headquarters of the Marquesado del Valle de Oaxaca in Cuernavaca; the Phoenix of the miners of America, Don José de la Borda, the Generalissimo José María Morelos y Pavón as well as the priest of Jantetelco, Mariano Matamoros, who are the heroes of our Independence, the Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg; the famous traveler Alejandro Von Humboldt; General Emiliano Zapata, pro-man and leader in the Mexican Revolution; Diego Rivera, Jorge Cázares Campos, world-class artists, among other illustrious characters.

For its culture, for its history, the warmth of its people, the heritage and tradition of hundreds of generations that have lovingly built a legacy worth sharing Morelos is host to the culture. In each municipality, in each neighborhood, in each community, faith and culture are lived in full bloom, in traditional festivals, which are an explosion of music, color and living identity. Culture in Morelos cradles childhood and guides them to discover their talents, because we know that art and culture opens the soul of children and teaches them to see, build and seek a better world for all.

Morelos is also the host of gastronomy because the dishes are prepared with the fruit of the field and in its flavors all the emotions are mixed, making each bite an experience of joy, passion and affection.

For all these reasons, artists, intellectuals, and writers have chosen Morelos as the place where they can have their most overflowing moments of creation and have taken it as their home, since living in Morelos is loving it, caring for it, and maintaining its culture so that it transcends any time and border. To know Morelos and its culture is to open a magical door that captivates the mind and the senses, because its natural and historical wealth offers multiple expressions and experiences that undoubtedly enrich existence.

Among the typical food of the state are the armored tacos formed by an omelette with rice and various stews such as: milanesa, chicken breast, pork crackling in sauce, red mole, among others. Other typical foods are green pipián, cecina from Yecapixtla, barbecue of goat in the municipalities of the south and lamb in the north of the state. You can also find typical tamales, quesadillas, itacates, chapulines, squash blossoms, mushrooms and colored flowers.