Baja California Sur

Its pristine beaches are excellent for water sports and at Cabo Pulmo you can go scuba diving on coral reefs. A paradise for sports and wildlife lovers, it allows golf games all year round, boat trips to the island of Espírito Santo for whale watching and swimming with sea lions.

Baja California Sur is a paradise for lovers of sports and wildlife, its climate is an earthly paradise for surfers, in addition to allowing golf games all year round, making trips by boat to the island of Espírito Santo for the Whale watching and swimming with sea lions. Its pristine beaches are excellent for water sports and at Cabo Pulmo you can go scuba diving on coral reefs.


Imagine how exciting it is to walk down a canyon trail and find a petroglyph made thousands of years ago by the first settlers in America, those who walked the Bering Strait to discover new lands. Historians believe that these first Americans arrived on the peninsula and achieved incredible fellowship with nature. Even according to research, the authors of many of the paintings were members of culturally more advanced tribes than those colonized by the Jesuits in the 4th century. The impressive rock complex considered the largest and most enigmatic in the world, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is located in the Sierra de San Francisco. With impressive canyons and caves with scenes painted in ocher, white, yellow and black tones. The human figures are in red and black, with arms raised and headdresses. The paintings, up to 10 meters high and around XNUMX thousand years old, capture the magical-religious thinking of our ancestors and their relationship with the environment.


Walking the Camino Real created by the Company of Jesus and other missionaries who succeeded them in Colonial Mexico, is an unparalleled adventure that also includes enjoying nature to the fullest and visiting picturesque villages. Although in total there were 18 missionary sites established on the peninsula, in Baja California Sur you can meet several of them, which captivate those who visit them.

South California cuisine is distinguished by the wealth of marine products in a very interesting multicultural fusion. It is not a coincidence to find influence from Chinese, French, Italian, Lebanese and Turkish culinary art, as well as from different regions of Mexico.
Among the most popular dishes are the famous fish and seafood tacos, considered the most exquisite in the country, also featuring marlin salad; lobster tacos; manta ray crush; Clam and crab ceviche stuffed with vegetables and cheese. Like all northern Mexican states, here they could not miss: the exquisite flour tortilla, the machaca in caldillo or with egg, the burritos (tortilla tacos of machaca or seafood flour), regional cheeses, canned syrup (from date and green papaya). Guayabate, mangate and pitahayate.
The most popular beverage is Damiana liquor or tea of ​​peninsular origin. Damiana has been attributed healing qualities since time immemorial, and was even considered by the Guaycuras Indians as a great aphrodisiac.
Eating in Baja California Sur will not be a problem. From the most famous chefs in the world to the most demanding cooks, here, they only cook with the freshest seafood and, of course, the tastiest.