Mexico is more than beaches, archaeological zones and gastronomy. Today Mexico is also a world reference in medical care. And every day more visitors from all over the world visit our country, attracted by a first-rate medical industry, which can compete with the best hospital centers in the world. It is estimated that in recent years, Mexico has received 200 travelers from different parts of the world, which have left an economic spill compared to the income from foreign exchange provided by all traditional tourism.

Mexico has shown that its professionals and infrastructure are at the highest level for any type of medical care, from first level or primary care to third level or high specialty hospitals. In recent years, Medical Tourism in Mexico has grown exponentially, backed by its high standards of care, by having the most certified professionals, by having hospitals with the latest technology, but above all, because care in Mexico It is something we take very seriously, it is not just about alleviating your physical discomforts, it is about striving so that even in difficult conditions you feel at home.

This new tourism generates economic spillover not only for the patients who come to receive medical treatments or recovery stays, but also for their companions, who allocate a considerable budget to all their expenses, starting with their stay, transfers and food. Let Mexico surprise you and get to know this economic activity that brings together different services, from hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, airlines and travel agencies. One of the aspects that have helped Mexico become so attractive for medical tourism is its proximity to its main trading partner, the United States, as care is on par with the main US hospital centers. but with lower costs.