Founded in 1543 in the ancient Mayan City of Zací which means "White Sparrowhawk". It is known as the “Pearl of the East”, “Magical Town” or “Colonial City”. Valladolid is on limestone.

Founded on May 28, 1543, by Francisco de Montejo (nephew), settled east of Yucatan, Valladolid was the scene of rebellions and struggles between conquerors and conquered. The subjugation of the Mayas of eastern Yucatan, the rebellious cupules, corresponded to a nephew of the conqueror also called Francisco de Montejo, who established his camp around a lagoon that the natives called Chouac-Ha, and which seemed to the Spanish the best place to settle. This site would be the base of operations to subdue the dome and dominate its capital Zací, which means White Hawk since it symbolized the war cities. In 1848 the city and its haciendas were invaded by Mayan indigenous people during GUERRA DE CASTAS, so the affected families had to emigrate to other regions, after which the city was recovered by the Yucatecan government. In 2012 Valladolid was named PUEBLO MÁGICO, after Izamal.

There are numerous restaurants where you can try the delicious Valladolid cuisine that has among its specialties the oriental marinade, the sak-kol turkey, the smoked sausage and the typical tenderloins that make Valladolid a living image of the provincial flavor. Other delicacies that you can taste are smoked meat, beans with pork, papadzules, black filling, white filling, poc chuc, lime soup, panuchos, salbutes, queen's arm, cheese to name a few.