Real de Catorce

Few are the places in the country where almost by chance there is a convergence of races, creeds and languages ​​as in this town surrounded by myths, legends and fantasies. Here it is common to see Mexicans from different social strata intermingled with foreigners of any nationality, who largely come with the hope of meeting the Huichols, one of the most mythical ethnic groups in Mexico. Although the truth is told: Huichols rarely walk through the steep, cobbled alleys of this town.

Weekends is when this town, daily "asleep", wakes up to receive hundreds of visitors. The tourist options are varied, such as adventure or ecotourism, or simply spending a few days of tranquility; everything depends on the interest of each one.

  • Cultural Center

The old mint now houses this center with permanent and temporary exhibition rooms, in addition to offering workshops.

  • Parish of the Virgen de la Concepción

Neoclassical in style, inside is the venerated image of Saint Francis of Assisi, as well as a hall of votive offerings dedicated as thanks to his many miracles.

  • The palenque

Occasional plays and outdoor concerts are offered here.

  • Municipal Pantheon

Apart from its ancient tombs, inside the temple there are very interesting murals.

  • Mines

Nearby there are some former mining estates that can be visited.

  • Ghost town

Located on the slopes of the hill, you can reach this old hacienda on foot or on horseback.

  • Bridges

Real de Catorce is a town that you have to walk to enjoy it. Thus, you will find several old bridges and other memorable corners.

The art of Potosi cuisine is present in this unique town, where the visitor will be able to taste dishes such as barbecue or the famous wedding barbecue cooked with different chilies and more than 18 condiments (similar to mole). Other typical foods include cabuches, which are a fruit of the biznaga flower.It is a typical food of the area, palm flowers, old-fashioned chicken stew, chicken with seven wines, mining tacos and the famous gorditas of different homemade stews. As dessert the exquisite muéganos, as well as a variety of atoles.