Hidden port

Puerto Escondido rises around picturesque beaches, bordered by gigantic rock formations. In the morning and afternoon, the beaches provide an atmosphere of warm joy, the sunset offers incredible views on any of its beaches and at night you will enjoy a pleasant nightlife.

Among the seven beaches that make up the destination, Zicatela stands out, since it attracts surfers and tourists from all over the world who come to conquer the famous waves of this place, experts position Puerto Escondido as the third best place for practice. of surfing in the world.

In this destination you can find from impressive waves to calm places, as well as beautiful special coral reefs for diving and snorkeling, admiring an extensive and beautiful variety of multicolored fish, mother-of-pearl, lobsters and manta rays. It is also an excellent place for sport fishing in the open sea, with species such as sailfish, marlin, tuna and dorado.



All the sunsets anywhere in Puerto Escondido are incredible, the calm beaches with gentle waves are the perfect place to connect with nature, the best sunsets are seen on Carrizalillo or Manzanillo beach, but without a doubt Zicatela offers a dream postcard framed by the lighthouse that stands out in the city.


La Laguna located 15 minutes from the Port, is a site of exceptional beauty, surrounded by lush vegetation in which mangroves predominate. Its tropical condition and its varied ecosystems favor the presence of wild and marine fauna, making it a nesting place for countless birds. Service providers in Puerto Escondido, offer tours of the lagoons by day and also at night to observe the phenomenon of bioluminescence.


This National Park, located in the municipality of San Pedro Tututepec one hour from the Port, offers a pleasant distraction from city life and direct contact with nature. The lagoons are made up of three bodies of water called Chacahua, Pastoría and Salinas, which shelter a great diversity of plant and animal species, mainly birds. Estuaries and mangroves surround the channels that connect the lagoons with the sea. The park is of great importance for its sandy coastline, as its beaches serve as sanctuaries for sea turtle nesting.


In the Manialtepec lagoons you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, as well as the Bioluminescence phenomenon, which can be seen more intensely during the rainy season. This phenomenon, noticeable at dusk, is distinguished by forming a type of phosphorescence in the water when making contact with it, thus, swimming is a very special experience because all movements emit trails of light that remain suspended. Witnessing bioluminescence is a unique sight and does not occur in many parts of the world.


These hot springs are sacred to the indigenous Chatins, they are found in the community of San José Manialtepec, to get there you can rent horses or walk, you can enjoy a journey along beautiful landscapes crossing the river several times. The hot springs offer pools where you can bathe or swim.


Natural runoff that emanates from the coastal mountains, along a cliff of approximately 60 m. high, they form a beautiful waterfall. The landscape is complemented by an impressive rock wall, as well as a series of pools that form as the water passes.


This iguana farm is located on the road to Pochutla, next to the Cozoaltepec river bridge. Children love it because they can see nests and eggs of iguanas of various species, such as green and black.


It is the most important event for Puerto Escondido, throughout the month the largest party in the place is held, intensifying on the weekends. Activities such as sport fishing, the Costeño Dance Festival, the International Surf Tournament, motocross and concerts stand out.


This tourist destination offers excellent lodging options to suit every need and budget, from cozy cabins to 3, 4 and 5 star hotels.

The hospitality of the Oaxacans of the coast, makes Puerto Escondido an adventure of rest and fun



The destination has the infrastructure, service, attention and the best climate for that special event. The dream of getting married on a beach with a spectacular view of the sea is complemented by incredible sunsets, which make the Port the preferred destination for many couples.

And it is that Puerto Escondido is not only suitable for the ceremony itself, but also for the preparations and the post-marriage amusements: it has places where you can have adventure, rest, excitement and an intense nightlife. Bringing together on the same occasion the wedding and the Honeymoon, is a possibility that only the best tourist destinations in the country provide us.

  • SURF

Zicatela is considered one of the best beaches in the world for lovers of surfing or boogie boarding, as its waves reach heights of up to ten meters. Surfers from all over the world participate in tournaments in the months of July, August, October and the well-known November festivals.