Monterrey, capital and most populous city of the State of Nuevo León, is an extensive industrial and business center surrounded by mountains, the most emblematic is Cerro de la Silla. The city is part of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area, with a population of 4.1 million inhabitants, making it the third most populated metropolitan area in Mexico, only after Mexico City and Guadalajara

The gastronomy of Monterrey and surrounding areas. The typical cuisine of Monterrey includes the machaca with egg, a dish prepared with dried beef, eggs, and sometimes hot sauce. Another of the most traditional dishes in Monterrey is goat, a goat slaughtered very young, before it eats grass. Also the Pork Roast. On weekends in the afternoon the houses begin to smell of roast meat. One of the cuts is the arrachera, particular to the state. It is traditional for men to prepare it. Also a typical food in Monterrey is barbecued meat, it is traditional for family or friends to get together to make roast meat on Saturdays at night or for sporting events. [18] Other typical foods, where a style of Jewish cuisine is also observed, is the Semite, unleavened bread; the dessert of capirotada brought by the Sinaloan community in Monterrey, [19] prepared with bread, cheese, raisins, peanuts and piloncillo. However, despite the famous gastronomy of the region, in the city you can find multiple options of international cuisine of all kinds, price and distinction. There are several of the best restaurants in the country with international cuisine, and at the same time, Monterrey is home to fast food franchises originating in the United States of America. You can also find cozy little concept restaurants. Other typical dishes of the region are the suckling pig with the coffin and the Greek-style sheep, the violated chicken, the cortadillo, the atropellado, the discada, the flour tortillas, various desserts such as orange preserves, burnt milk sweets, guava, jamonillos and pralines, glorias, as well as a large assortment of dehydrated fruits and enchiladas.